Social Prescribing Link Workers

What is Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing is a free and friendly service offered through the NHS and provided by Involve. Social Prescribing offers a "link worker" who will help you to identify the support you need to help improve your health and wellbeing. They will help motivate and guide you to access services in the local community. 

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Who do Social Prescribing Link Workers support?

Social Prescribing Link Worklers can be helpful for people who:

  • have a long term condition such as diabetes or chronic pain and would like to change their lifestyle.
  • are older and isolated or frail.
  • are struggling to manage their mental health eg low mood, anxiety, depression.
  • need help with debt, housing or employment.
  • are caring for another member of their household.
  • have experienced changes in their life that have impacted them such as a bereavement, retirement, relocation, family changesor having their first child. 

What does a Social Prescribing Link Worker do?

Once you have been referred to a Link Worker, they will contact you within 5 working days to book an appointment for an assessment. The assessment looks at your health and wellbeing and identifies the things that are most important to you. At the appointmentyou will be asked questions about your wellbeing and other things that may be impacting your health. 

The Link Worker will help you develop an action plan, guiding and motivating you to achieve your goals whatever they may be; getting out and about more, getting fitter, meeting new people, or tackling problems such as housing, debt, or employment worries, making the most of thousands of local community groups and services. 

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